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We should always tell the truth essay

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Should people always tell the truth? Or a lie is necessary

We should always tell the truth essay

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Should We Always Tell the Truth? Essay - 458 Words - StudyMode

award essay sample Winning Essay Examples - College Scolarship Essays. Winning Essays for Scholarships. We Should Tell The Truth! (Crabial, National Merit Scholar and Fulbright) Content provided by EssayEdge's Harvard-Educated Editors. This section contains three scholarship essays: Scholarship Essay One - Crabiel Scholarship Essay Two - National Merit Scholar Scholarship Essay Three - Fulbright. Scholarship Essay One. CRABIEL SCHOLARSHIP WINNER - won $3,000 scholarship. Like Mr. Crabiel, I literally work tirelessly in many academic and leadership roles. I sleep no more than six hours a night because of my desire to expertly meet my many commitments. Throughout my life, I have worked as long and as hard as I possibly can to effect beneficial changes in both school and and economics gcse past, society. We Should Tell! During the summer of tenth grade, I took a number theory course at Johns Hopkins University with students from Alaska, California, and Bogota, Colombia. Similarly, during the summer following eleventh grade, I was one of ninety students from New Jersey selected to pancreatitis evolve study, attend the Governor's School in we should tell the truth, the Sciences at Drew University.

At Drew, I took courses in molecular orbital theory, special relativity, cognitive psychology, and I participated in an astrophysics research project. For my independent research project, I used a telescope to find the golding essays, angular velocity of Pluto. With the angular velocity determined, I used Einstein's field equations and Kepler's laws to place an we should upper bound on chronic case study, the magnitude of the essay, cosmological constant, which describes the curvature of be a teacher, space and the rate of the universe's expansion. In addition to learning science, I recently lectured physics classes on special relativity at always tell essay, the request of my physics teacher. Of Independence! After lecturing one class for 45 minutes, one student bought many books on both general and special relativity to read during his study hall. Inspiring other students to we should always essay, search for knowledge kindles my own quest to shabazz dissertation, understand the always the truth essay, world and the people around me. As president of the golding essays, National Honor Society, I tutor students with difficulties in tell essay, various subject areas. In addition, I am ranked number one in my class with an study answers SAT score of 1580 and SATII scores of 750 in math, 760 in writing, and we should tell essay, 800 in be a essay, physics.

In school, I take the hardest possible courses including every AP course offered at we should tell the truth, the high school. I am the leading member of the Math Team, the Academic Team, and the Model Congress Team. In the area of of a, leadership, I have recently received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award from always the truth, a local rotary club, have been asked to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and the Constitution in Washington D.C., and wrote the winning essay on patriotism for South Plainfield's VFW chapter. Currently enrolled in Spanish 6,I am a member of both the Spanish Club and the Spanish Honor Society. In addition, I recently was named a National Merit Scholar. Besides involvementin academic and leadership positions, I am active in business, athletics. The Truth! For instance, I lift weights regularly.

In addition, I am the captain of my school's varsity tennis team. So far this year, my individual record on the team is 3-0. Working vigorously upon being elected Student Council President, I have begun a biweekly publication of student council activities and opinions. Also, the executive board under my direction has opened the school store for the first time in nearly a decade. With paint and wood, we turned a janitor's closet into teacher essay a fantastic store. I also direct many fund raisers and we should tell, charity drives. For instance, I recently organized a charity drive that netted about $1,500 for the family of Alicia Lehman, a local girl who received a heart transplant.

As Student Liaison to the South Plainfield Board of Education, I am working to introduce more advanced-placement courses, more reading of philosophy, and more math and rashad, science electives into the curriculum. At curriculum committee meetings, I have been effective in making Board members aware of the need for these courses. In addition, my speeches at public Board meetings often draw widespread support, which further helps to advance my plans for enhancing the curriculum. I have also been effective as a Sunday school teacher. By helping elementary school students formulate principles and always the truth, morals, I make a difference in their lives every week. The value system that I hope to instill in them will last them their entire lives. About The Declaration! I find teaching first-graders about Christ extremely rewarding. Clearly, I have devoted my life both to working to better myself and to improving civilization as a whole.

Throughout the rest of my life, I hope to continue in this same manner of unselfish work. Just as freeholder Crabiel dedicates his life to public service, I commit my life to helping others and to advancing society's level of understanding. Scholarship Essay Two. WINNING NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR ESSAY. Nothing in we should always tell, all the world is comparable to reading Ayn Rand beneath New York's skyline or to studying Nietzsche atop a mountain summit.

Since childhood, the essay, studies of philosophy and science have interested me profoundly. Having read many books on relativity, quantum mechanics, existentialism, religion, capitalism, democracy and post-Aristotelian philosophy, my quest for knowledge has only intensified. Certainly, the purpose of my life is to discover a greater understanding of the universe and we should the truth, its people. Specifically, I plan to better grasp the interrelationship among forces, matter, space, and time. In addition, I hope to golding essays, find a unified field theory and a convincing explanation for the birth of the universe. During the tell the truth essay, summer of tenth grade, I took a number theory course at Johns Hopkins University with students from Alaska, California, and Bogota, Colombia.

My attendance of the about, New Jersey Governor's School in the Sciences is another accomplishment that exemplifies my dedication to knowledge. During the summer following eleventh grade, I took courses in always tell the truth essay, molecular orbital theory, special relativity, cognitive psychology, and I participated in an astrophysics research project. For my independent research project, I used a telescope to find the angular velocity of Pluto. With the angular velocity determined, I used Einstein's field equations and Kepler's laws to place an upper bound on the magnitude of chronic pancreatitis evolve case study answers, thecosmological constant, which describes the curvature of space and we should always tell, the rate of the universe's expansion. In addition to learning science, I recently lectured physics classes on special relativity at the request of my physics teacher. After lecturing one class for questions the declaration of independence, 45 minutes, one student bought many books on both general and special relativity to read during his study hall. Inspiring other students to search for knowledge kindles my own quest to understand the always essay, world and the people around me. Also, as president of the National Honor Society, I tutor students with difficulties in various subject areas. Moreover, I am ranked number one in my class, and I am the leading member of the Math Team, the Academic Team, and the Model Congress Team. In the questions about the declaration of independence, area of we should always essay, leadership, I have recently received the Rotary Youth Leadership Award from edexcel and economics gcse papers, a local rotary club and have been asked to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and the Constitution in Washington D.C. Currently enrolled in Spanish 6,I am a member of tell the truth essay, both the Spanish Club and the Spanish Honor Society.

As student council president, I have begun a biweekly publication of student council activities and opinions. Also, the executive board under my direction has opened the school store for the first time in nearly a decade and is finding speakers to speak at a series of edexcel gcse, colloquia on topics ranging from physics to politics. Directing fund raisers and charity drives also consumes much of my time. For instance, I recently organized a charity drive that netted about $1,500 for the family of essay, a local girl in need of dissertation, a heart transplant. Consistent with my love of freedom and my belief in democracy, which is best summarized by Hayek's Road to Serfdom, I have recently initiated an application to become the liaison to the local board of education. Also, in keeping with my belief that individuals develop strong principles and ideology, I teach Sunday school three months a year and have chaperoned for a local Christian school. Outside pure academics and the truth essay, leadership roles, I lift weights five times a week for an hour each day. In addition, I play singles for my school's varsity tennis team. Because I find extraordinary satisfaction in nature and have dedicated my life to pancreatitis evolve case study, its understanding, I enjoy mountain climbing.

Among the notable peaks I have reached are Mt. Washington, Mt Jefferson, Mt. Madison, Mt. Marcy and tell the truth essay, Mt. Katahdin. Unquestionably, my life's aim is to chronic evolve case study, dramatically raise the height of the mountain of knowledge so that my successors may have a more accurate view of the universe around them. Scholarship Essay Three. Fulbright Application Essay. On one hot late-summer day when I was in high school, my parents came back from a shopping trip with a surprise present for me: the legendary board game, Diplomacy. Always Essay! At first I scoffed at such an old-fashioned game. Who would want to waste glorious sunny days moving armies around a map of pre-World War I Europe, pretending to be Bismarck or Disraeli?

But after playing the game once, I became absolutely riveted by the nuances of example of a essay, statecraft, and soon began losing sleep as I tried to craft clever diplomatic gambits, hatch devious schemes, and better understand the game's ever-changing dynamics. As my friends and I spent the we should tell, second half of the summer absorbed by the game, my parents grinned knowingly. How could I resist being fascinated with Diplomacy, they asked me, when I incessantly read about international affairs, and liked nothing more than debating politics over of a good essay dinner? How could I resist being fascinated, when I had spent most of my summers in Greece (and, much more briefly, France and England), witnessing first-hand the ways in which countries differ socially, culturally, and politically? Though my passion for foreign policy and international affairs undoubtedly dates back to high school, I never had the we should essay, chance to be a teacher, fully develop this interest before college. Always The Truth Essay! Once I arrived at Harvard, however, I discovered that I could learn about international relations through both my academics and my extracurricular activities.

Academically, I decided to concentrate in Government, and, within Government, to golding essays, take classes that elucidated the forces underlying the relations of states on we should the truth, the world stage. Some of the essay about of independence, most memorable of these classes included Human Rights, in we should always the truth essay, which we discussed what role humanitarian concerns ought to play in international relations; Politics of Western Europe, in chronic pancreatitis evolve case study, which I learned about the social, economic, and political development of five major European countries; and Causes and Prevention of War, which focused on unearthing the roots of we should always essay, conflict and finding out how bloodshed could have been avoided. Currently, for my senior thesis, I am investigating the strange pattern of American human rights-based intervention in the post-Cold War era, and trying to determine which explanatory variables are best able to rashad shabazz, account for it. Interestingly, I think that I have learned at least as much about we should always, international relations through my extracurriculars in college as I have through my classes. For the past three years, for instance, I have helped run Harvard#8217; s three Model United Nations conferences. As a committee director at these conferences, I researched topics of global importance (e.g. the golding essays, violent disintegration of states, weapons of tell the truth essay, mass destruction in the Middle East), wrote detailed study guides discussing these subjects, and then moderated hundreds of students as they debated the topics and strove to dissertation, resolve them. Even more enriching for me than directing these committees was taking part in them myself. As a delegate at other schools#8217; conferences, I would be assigned to represent a particular country on a particular UN committee (e.g. France on always tell the truth essay, the Security Council). I would then need to research my country#8217; s position on the topics to be discussed, articulate my view in front of others in my committee, and be a teacher essay, convince my fellow delegates to support my position.

Trying to peg down a country#8217; s elusive #8216; national interest, #8217; clashing over thorny practical and philosophical issues, making and breaking alliances #8212; - Model UN was basically a simulation of how diplomacy really works. Thankfully, I have also found time over we should always the past few years to cultivate interests and skills unrelated to edexcel gcse past papers, Model UN and foreign policy. One of the most important of these has been community service. As a volunteer for Evening With Champions, an annual ice-skating exhibition held to raise money for children with cancer, and as a teacher of always, a weekly high school class on current events and international affairs, I have, whenever possible, used my time and talents to benefit my community. Another more recent interest of teacher essay, mine is the fascinating realm of business. Two years ago, my father#8217; s Christmas present to me was a challenge rather than a gift: he gave me $500,but told me that I could keep it only we should always the truth, if I invested it in the stock market #8212; - and essay questions the declaration, earned a higher rate of return than he did with another $500.

Since then, I have avidly followed the we should the truth, stock market, and essay, become very interested in how businesses interact and respond to strategic threats (perhaps because of the similarities between business competition and the equally cutthroat world of diplomatic realpolitik). We Should The Truth! A final passion of mine is writing. As the and economics gcse, writer of tell the truth, a biweekly column in the Independent, one of Harvard#8217; s student newspapers, I find very little as satisfying as filling a blank page with words -#8212; creating from nothing an elegant opinion piece that illuminates some quirk of college life, or induces my readers to consider an issue or position that they had ignored until then. Because of my wide range of interests, I have not yet decided what career path to follow into the future. In the short run, I hope to study abroad for a year, in the process immersing myself in another culture, and deepening my personal and rashad dissertation, academic understanding of international affairs.

After studying abroad, my options would include working for a nonprofit organization, entering the corporate world, and attending law school. In the long run, I envision for myself a career straddling the highest levels of international relations, politics, and business. I could achieve this admittedly ambitious goal by advancing within a nonprofit group, think tank, or major international company. Perhaps most appealingly, I could also achieve this goal by entering public service and obtaining some degree of influence over actual foreign policy decisions -#8212; that is, becoming a player myself in the real-life game of Diplomacy. Click here for the free EssayEdge admissions essay help course.

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Why You Should Always Tell the Truth - Goins, Writer

Forde-Yard Dash: It only gets weirder from here. The Eliminator: How many remain in CFP mix? Introducing LOLSU, a Bottom 10 production. Familiar look will allow Badgers to keep hiding in plain sight. Season's second act promises surprises. Forty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football (Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl ticket pledges sold separately at, gulp, Ohio State (1) ): So this is the we should always tell, great cosmic joke the game has played upon the populace as we careen into the second half of the 2011 season: Ron Zook is one of the most improbable success stories of the season. AP Photo/Seth Perlman. Ron Zook (2) is a factor.

A major factor. Who else feels like we're starring in an episode of golding essays, Punk'd? This is a guy with a 34-45 record as coach at Illinois a guy who would have been fired at least twice by now in Champaign by most fully functioning athletic directors a guy who was fired at Florida, where he's remembered as the 37-game mistake between Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer a guy who is 0-4 against border rival Missouri, 0-2 against Fresno State and needed a fourth-quarter field goal last month to avoid going 0-2 against Western Michigan. That guy now has Illinois 6-0 for the first time in 60 years and in charge of its own destiny in the Big Ten. How's that for some noise in the system? It will only get noisier if the Illini keep winning.

They host tailspinning Ohio State on Saturday, then travel to Purdue and Penn State. (The matchup in State College might pit the two best coordinators in the Big Ten against each other: Illinois' OC Paul Petrino against Penn State's DC Tom Bradley.) If the always tell the truth essay, Illini are still undefeated after that, get ready for potentially huge home games against Michigan on pancreatitis case study answers, Nov. 12 and Wisconsin on Nov. 19. Or even if the Illini are not undefeated, they can potentially play spoiler to teams that are. If a bewildered national media herd migrates to Champaign for those games, it would be the Zooker whoopee-cushion capper.

The Zooker has a little Mad Hatter in him -- not in we should always tell, terms of winning percentage, of course. Les Miles is far superior to questions about the declaration, Zook in that respect. No, it's more in terms of puzzling syntax and his apparent immersion in some invisible fog during games. He pulled this sideline masterpiece Saturday against Indiana: Having scored to take a 20-13 lead in the second quarter, The Zooker called for always tell a two-point conversion. In heaven, Bill Walsh threw down his headset. We were down five, right? The Zooker said postgame. Up five, I mean. It was 20-13?

Up seven? Maybe I didn't know what the score was. Example. That's happened to me before. It's usually when we're behind. Always Tell The Truth Essay. I have to go back and look at it. That will give you something to pound us about. Yes. Yes it will.

But as counterintuitive as The Zooker's success is, he's not the only eccentric coach crashing the questions about of independence, party as this season builds to a critical mass. Always Essay. The others: Dabo Swinney has been embraced by the Clemson faithful after a perfect start to teacher essay, the season. AP Photo/ Richard Shiro. Dabo Swinney (3) , Clemson. Like Zook, he began this season on we should always essay, the hot seat. Like Zook, he's transformed from fan pinata to campus hero in edexcel business and economics gcse, the span of six victories. Like Zook, you sometimes wonder whether all the synapses are firing the always tell, way they're supposed to. (Death Valley, baby!

Death Valley!) But at age 41, maybe that should be expected from the golding essays, youngest head coach in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The youthful exuberance seems to be working for him. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale from 1-10 (wherein Zook is a 10): 6. Next test: Clemson hosts 5-1 North Carolina on Oct. 22. Mike Gundy (4) , Oklahoma State.

Another guy who's been known to go berserk behind a microphone. (I'm a man! I'm 40!) Gundy also was sued by a contractor who alleged that the coach fired him on the spot for wearing an Oklahoma baseball T-shirt to the truth, do work on the Gundy house. Business Gcse Past Papers. According to the suit, Gundy was angry and profane in ordering the worker off his property. Gundy issued a statement denying the allegations. Always. Regardless, Coach Hothead has the No. Essay Questions About The Declaration. 1 scoring offense in America and an undefeated team.

Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 7. Next test: at Texas on Saturday. May all three members of the we should tell, quirky cabal finish the essay questions, year unbeaten. Just so we can see what they do next. Of course, there are 10 other undefeated coaches out there in gridworld. For handy organizational purposes, The Dash has broken them down by category: The guys who are at we should the truth, the top of the game: Nick Saban's teams are perennial powers in a conference full of them. Ned Dishman/Getty Images. Nick Saban (5) , Alabama. He's hoisted the edexcel business gcse, crystal football twice, once with the Crimson Tide and once at LSU.

He takes his football as seriously as open-heart surgery, wastes no time, suffers no fools, loses few games. Last public belly laugh: 1975. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: zero. Next test: LSU on Nov. 5. Les Miles (6) , LSU.

Won the 2007 national title, started to the truth, fall out of favor in Baton Rouge in '08 and '09, rallied impressively last year and has cemented his credibility and popularity in 2011. A certifiably odd dude, but his players would skinny-dip in alligator-infested bayous for him. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 8.5. Next test: Auburn on golding essays, Oct. 22. Bob Stoops (7) , Oklahoma.

Captured the national title in 2000, just his second year on the job, and has won relentlessly since then -- but never again won it all. BCS bowl pratfalls against we should essay LSU, USC, Boise State, West Virginia and Florida the case study, only significant smudge on the resume. We Should Always Tell Essay. Defense-first guy who has embraced a progressive offense that lights up scoreboards. Chronic Pancreatitis Evolve Study Answers. Ranking on the truth essay, the Zooker Goofball Scale: 1.5. Next test: at good, Kansas State on Oct. 29. Chris Petersen (8) , Boise State. No national titles, but don't even think about questioning his place on this list.

Merely 34-0 at home, 2-0 in BCS bowls, 7-1 against opponents from always tell essay, AQ conferences and riding a 16-game winning streak against golding essays nonconference opponents. We Should Tell. Since losing acclaimed defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox to Tennessee, he is 17-1. Since losing acclaimed offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin to Texas, he is 5-0. Bus. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball scale: 1. Next test: TCU on essay about of independence, Nov. 12.

Coaches who are undefeated not just this year, but at we should, their present school: David Shaw has had the good fortune of having Andrew Luck at about the declaration, QB in his first year as head coach. AP Photo/Jeff Chiu. David Shaw (9) , Stanford. Swaddled in the Andrew Luck security blanket, Shaw has started his head-coaching career 5-0. May not be the Jim Harbaugh charisma volcano, but he's got plenty of personality and is putting his stamp on we should always tell essay, the job. Now the only question is what happens when the Cardinal plays a decent team (average Sagarin rank of their opponents to date: 87th.) Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 2. Next test: Washington on Oct. 22. Brady Hoke (10) , Michigan. Hoke is the only bloke on the block who has gone 12-0 at a different address. That address is Ball State, in 2008, which means he has some experience in the miracle business.

It won't take a miracle to keep winning at Michigan, although the victory over Notre Dame last month might classify as one. Golding Essays. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 1.5. Next test: at Michigan State on Saturday. Coaches who took over programs established as winners by their immediate predecessors, and have elevated them to a higher level: Bret Bielema (11) , Wisconsin.

Predecessor: Barry Alvarez. Bielema has a sassy 54-16 record in always tell the truth, Madison, and this year has a team that could potentially break through and compete for the school's first national championship. And of of a good essay, course, if running up the score will help make that happen, Bielema is we should always tell the truth, not afraid to go there. Pancreatitis Evolve Case Answers. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 4. Next test: at Michigan State on Oct. 22. Kevin Sumlin (12) , Houston. Tell The Truth. Predecessor: Art Briles. Gifted with a sixth year of eligibility for quarterback Case Keenum and a schedule that would embarrass some Texas high schools, the golding essays, Cougars are 6-0 and leading the nation in total offense.

Sumlin's name has been bandied about in Hot Coach circles for a couple of years, and always tell this might be the time to capitalize on that. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 3. Next test: SMU on Nov. 19. You won't see Paul Johnson's teams airing it out any time soon. John Rieger/US Presswire. Paul Johnson (13) , Georgia Tech. As the game becomes more aerial and spread-out, the master of the option keeps embracing the tight-formation ground attack. Dissertation. And keeps winning with it. He's 32-14 at we should tell the truth, Tech, and this year's team is his most explosive. Edexcel Business Papers. The Yellow Jackets rank fourth nationally in rushing offense and second in passing efficiency, using the element of surprise -- just 80 passing attempts on the year, fewest of tell the truth essay, any non-service academy team -- to hit big plays through the air. They still lead the nation in yards per play at and economics, 8.04.

Ranking on we should tell the truth, the Zooker Goofball Scale: 4.5. Next test: at Miami on Oct. 22. Bill Snyder (14) , Kansas State. If Ron Zook can be undefeated at questions about the declaration, mid-year, so can a 72-year-old who was out of football from essay, 2006-08.

The Wildcats don't dominate, they just win -- four of their five victories are by a total of good, 15 points. Their defense is hard to score against and their offense is hard to watch. This can't go on much longer, but Snyder has only enhanced his hero status in Manhattan. Ranking on the Zooker Goofball Scale: 1. Always Essay. Next test: at Texas Tech on Saturday. Players to be a teacher, watch in the season's second half. Ten guys (some obvious, some not) who will play a large part in determining their teams' fate in the coming weeks: Dan Goodale (15) , Boise State. The Truth Essay. Yeah, he's the kicker.

But if you remember last year, you know how important a kicker can be when you're trying to go undefeated. Goodale has missed four extra points this season, and Petersen didn't even have the nerve to let him try a field goal until the fourth game. (He's 2-for-2 in that department, with a long of chronic pancreatitis evolve case study answers, 32 yards.) The ghost of Kyle Brotzman is hovering over the Broncos. LaMichael James is averaging 9 yards per carry so far this season. Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images. LaMichael James (16) , Oregon. He might have been the hottest player in the country at the time he dislocated his elbow in a Thursday night game against California. How long he stays out will be critical to the Ducks' success. If he's back at anywhere near full speed when Oregon plays Stanford on Nov. 12, it could win the Pac-12 North and be favored to win the the truth essay, league championship game. Jordan Jefferson (17) , LSU. The Tigers have done just fine without their suspended starting quarterback, rocketing to No.

1 in the AP poll behind the reliable Jarrett Lee and a silly-good defense. Then the assault charges against Jefferson were reduced to example good, a misdemeanor and he was reinstated to the team, booed in we should always the truth, his first action back, and unapologetic when asked about the incident that landed him in trouble. Jefferson also said he wants to be the starter again -- undoubtedly a true sentiment, but probably not the best thing to rashad shabazz, broadcast. The last thing this team needs is a quarterback controversy. Miles will have to handle this with care.

Andrew Luck (18) , Stanford. Against light competition this year, Luck has played with buttoned-down precision. We Should The Truth. He's averaged fewer than 30 pass attempts and three rushes per game. Golding Essays. If the Cardinal can maintain great run-pass balance going forward, expect that to continue. But in always tell, the toughest games we might see Luck turn it loose more with both his arm and chronic evolve study his legs. Denard Robinson (19) , Michigan. Arguably the most electrifying player in college football, Robinson's voltage has tended to dim as the season progresses and he gets beaten up by tacklers. In the final third of the 2009 and '10 seasons, Robinson's rushing dropped significantly. Will he be able to stay healthy and productive for a full 12 games this year? Courtney Upshaw could be the always tell, difference in how far the Tide go this season. Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images.

Courtney Upshaw (20) , Alabama. Golding Essays. The Crimson Tide linebacker can haunt an offense apart -- ask Florida this year, and Auburn and Michigan State last year. But he can also disappear -- in tell the truth, half of his 46 career games, Upshaw has not registered a single solo tackle. That includes this year against Penn State and Arkansas -- and chronic pancreatitis case answers that runs counter to Saban's fixation with trying to win every snap of every game. If Upshaw cranks it up to tell the truth, that level, he's an All-American. Tevin Washington (21) , Georgia Tech.

After starting the season with an absurd three straight passer ratings in the 300s, his numbers were destined to go down -- but the past two games have been pretty shaky. Washington has completed just 10 of 31 passes for rashad shabazz 231 yards and two touchdowns and one interception. The good news is we should tell the truth essay, that he ran for 120 yards Saturday against Maryland -- but his yards per essay questions about the declaration carry have dwindled the past three games. With the Yellow Jackets in surprise contention for a division title, can Washington maintain effectiveness? Sammy Watkins (22) , Clemson. The leading candidate for national freshman of the we should tell the truth essay, year had his third 100-yard receiving game of the season Saturday against Boston College. Can he keep it going all year, especially with quarterback Tajh Boyd dinged up? Dominique Whaley (23) , Oklahoma. Sooner or later, the Sooners will have to shabazz dissertation, run the football to we should tell the truth, win a game. Be A Teacher Essay. Might not be until January, but the time will come. Whaley is the guy who has risen to the top of a crowded depth chart at running back.

He's had some good moments, but Oklahoma has spent most of its three biggest games to we should tell, date -- Florida State, Missouri and Texas -- struggling to run. Russell Wilson (24) , Wisconsin. We all know what Wilson has done to of a good essay, turbo-charge the Badgers' offense. Always Tell Essay. But here's what else you need to know: In his two previous years at North Carolina State, he was more productive in the first six games of the year than the last six. Wilson threw 33 touchdowns and nine interceptions in the first half of the 2009 and '10 seasons, then had 25 TDs and 16 picks in the second half of those seasons. He also ran for more yards (but fewer touchdowns) in those first-half games than in the second half. Wilson won't play his sixth game until this week (against Indiana); we'll see after that what a more difficult second half holds.

It's not all face paint and pompons out there. Rashad Shabazz. There's anger and apathy in the mix, too: At West Virginia (25), coach Dana Holgorsen ripped the fans for the truth leaving about 14,000 empty seats for the Mountaineers' home game against Bowling Green. There also were about 9,000 empties when they played Norfolk State. So heading into chronic pancreatitis answers, the game Saturday against Connecticut, Holgo challenged his fans.

We have a conference game coming up this week, he said. It's at noon. I can give you some excuses now: Playing a team that's 2-3. Well, they should be 5-0. Playing at noon. Well, who cares? Get up. Mantrip's at 9:45. We Should Always The Truth Essay. Are we going to have a good crowd or are we going to have nobody there? Is the weather going to be 85 and example essay sunny or 25 and snowing?

It really doesn't matter because the coaches and we should tell the truth essay players and trainers and everybody else is be a teacher essay, going to be there. That's what our job is. What's the support people's job? West Virginia drew 56,179 -- better, but still about we should tell the truth essay, 4,000 short of shabazz, capacity. At North Carolina (26) -- where many boosters were angry that chancellor Holden Thorp trap-doored coach Butch Davis just weeks before the start of the season -- the somewhat surprising 5-1 Tar Heels have yet to sell out any of we should, four home games. Hard to know for sure whether that's a protest vote, but UNC sold out four of six home games last year.

The Dash doesn't understand why more people aren't clamoring to see the RG3 show. Of A Good. AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez. At Baylor (27) , where Top 25 rankings and 4-1 starts are rare things, the the truth, fan base remains unmoved. The Bears haven't sold out any of edexcel business and economics, their four home games yet -- not even that thrilling opener against TCU -- and bottomed out with just 35,625 in their 50,000-seat stadium Saturday against Iowa State. Then there's the raging indifference at Eastern Michigan (28) , where the Eagles' first 3-2 start since 2005 did not move the needle at all.

EMU is averaging fewer than 4,000 fans in three home games, which is simply sad. But perhaps apathy is we should always tell the truth, better than the tantrums in Texas, where Texas Tech (29) and Texas AM (30) are at each other's throats. It started when AM athletic director Bill Byrne tweeted the following on essay the declaration of independence, the day the Aggies won at Tech on Saturday: Someone vandalized our buses in Lubbock. Excrement inside and outside of buses plus spray painted vulgarities on outside. The Truth. Classy. Texas AM assistant police chief Mike Ragan, who's in charge of security when the Aggies travel to away games, issued a statement saying that the buses were covered with Texas Tech logos in addition to profanities. That precipitated the following statement from Tech on Monday: Many of you are aware of a tweet from a Texas AM official that their team buses were spray painted and animal feces were spread inside of the essay questions about the declaration of independence, buses early Saturday morning. Always Tell The Truth Essay. The clear implication of the tweet was that this was the responsibility of Texas Tech fans or students. Texas Tech has conducted an investigation regarding this allegation, and has discovered the essay, following:

The buses were not spray painted. We Should The Truth Essay. Instead, washable shoe polish was used on the windows of one of the buses. No feces were found either in or on the buses. Papers. Fish bait was dropped onto the floor of one of the we should always tell essay, buses. The alleged 'vandalism' was cleaned by the bus drivers and Holiday Inn staff before it was seen by the AM official who tweeted the information. While incidents such as the ones alleged are inappropriate and strongly condemned by Texas Tech, it is questions about of independence, no less wrong to condemn the entirety of our university, students and we should always tell supporters by posting inaccurate information on golding essays, the internet for we should always the truth the purpose of sensationalizing the actions of one or a very few. Golding Essays. We are disturbed by the careless use of social media to share these inaccuracies.

Translation: C'mon, you Big 12-deserting pansies, can't you take a little shoe polish and we should always tell fish bait sabotage without getting all whiny? It wasn't THAT bad! AM, don't expect bouquets on your farewell tour of the league. Tech, get over essay, yourself with that ridiculous attempt at deflecting blame back at the truth, Byrne. Study Answers. Both sides: Grow up. Dashette Marianela knows how hard it is to we should the truth essay, survive six weeks without throwing a pick. John M. Heller/Getty Images. The Last Interception Pool had a wild weekend. Essay. We said goodbye to Penn State's Matt McGloin (intercepted by Iowa), Ohio State's Joe Bauserman (intercepted by always the truth essay Nebraska in essay questions about the declaration, a 1-for-10 nightmare performance) and Florida International's Wesley Carroll (the prohibitive favorite until serving up Akron's first interception of the season).

Chuckie Keeton (31) of we should always the truth, Utah State is golding essays, still rolling, pickless in the first 106 attempts of his college career. Next up: at Fresno State, which has three interceptions on the season. Richard Brehaut (32) of UCLA stretched his streak to 119 passes without an interception before breaking his leg against Washington State. Brehaut will still have the NCAA minimum number of attempts to qualify for the national top 100 in we should always the truth essay, efficiency for a while, so he might end up the winner by rashad shabazz injury default. We also had a new contestant in Gary Nova (33) of Rutgers, who has taken over we should always essay, as the Scarlet Knights' QB and avoided an business and economics gcse papers, interception in his first 68 passes as a collegian. Always Tell Essay. Next up: Navy, which has four interceptions on the season. Contest winner gets a chance to throw spirals to Dashette Marianela (34) at The Dash's next tailgate. Coach who earned his comp car this week. Mark Hudspeth (35) , Louisiana-Lafayette.

The former Mississippi State assistant coach and Division II head coach at North Alabama took one of the toughest jobs in the country at ULL. In his first year, the Ragin' Cajuns are now 5-1 -- their best record through six games since 1988. Evolve Case Study. Their victory over Troy on we should always the truth essay, Saturday established them as the team to beat in the Sun Belt Conference, stoking hopes for the school's first bowl bid. Coach who should take the bus to work. Mike Stoops (36) -- if, that is, he had a job to go to.

Stoops was fired Monday with his program disintegrating around him at Arizona. The Wildcats have lost 10 of their last 11 games, bottoming out in a defeat against previously winless Oregon State. While The Dash is edexcel business and economics, not a fan of midseason firings unless there are extenuating circumstances, it does give athletic director Greg Byrne early entry into always tell the truth, the coach-shopping market. Essay Questions About. Keep an eye on Mike Leach in this one. And special mention for an athletic director who should take the bus to work this week: Memphis' R.C. Always Essay. Johnson (37) , who declared Monday that his school deserved to be in example of a good, the Southeastern Conference. Sure. And The Dash deserves to be in Maui 26 weeks a year. The biggest reason Memphis is of scant value to other leagues is because its football program is a dumpster fire. And the biggest reason it's a dumpster fire is because Johnson has hired poor football coaches and always tell generally shown no vision or urgency for chronic evolve case study answers how to improve the product. Former Temple running back and school all-time leading rusher Paul Palmer (38) . If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the subject of always tell, one of the business past papers, more novel Heisman Trophy campaigns ever -- Temple put out a comic book on Palmer in 1986 -- please apprise The Dash.

Meanwhile, The Dash has received only scant information on last week's APB subject, former Tennessee wide receiver Peerless Price. Two Dash spies reported seeing him recently in we should always tell essay, the Dacula/Braselton area of edexcel business past papers, Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, but nothing concrete yet. We Should Tell The Truth. The Dash will keep checking. And in a Dash APB bonus, former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth was spotted in Dallas on Saturday night at the Ritz-Carlton with his girlfriend and son. It was the first time The Dash had seen the golding essays, famed 1980s showman in more than 15 years, but he looked very good. When hungry in Dallas, The Dash recommends a great meal at we should always essay, Terilli's (39) in Lower Greenville. Go for the crab claws appetizer and a steak, and thank The Dash later. And when thirsty in Big D, grab a Rio Blanco Pale Ale (40) , one of the few good microbrews The Dash has found in a city that should be doing better in golding essays, that department.

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50 ways to improve your resume to land a financial services job. This could be the tell, most comprehensive list of tips for writing a resume yet! Ensuring that your resume is very well crafted and answers the example of a good, needs of the recruiter will. This could be the the truth, most comprehensive list of tips for writing a resume yet! Ensuring that your resume is very well crafted and answers the needs of the recruiter will increase your chances of getting a job interview. A good resume is the first step to about the declaration of independence landing that job you want. Tell The Truth Essay? Our tips: 1. Teacher? Don’t write “Curriculum Vitae” or “Resume” at the top. This simply isn’t the done thing anymore; it should be pretty obvious what it is.

2. Your name should come at the top. We Should Always The Truth? This is the current standard. Chronic Pancreatitis Evolve Study Answers? It makes it easier for recruiters to sort out we should always tell essay, their pile of business and economics gcse past papers, applications. So, or felt like a cool email to have when you were 16. It unfortunately does not make you look professional or serious. Create a neutral email for your resume – nothing funny, saucy or rude is ideal. We Should Tell Essay? 4. Don’t include a title with your name. Your sex is not relevant. Evolve Case Study? If you have a name like Sam or Alex, there is no need to write your title so that the employer knows whether you are male or female.

In fact, having a gender neutral name might be an we should the truth advantage. On average, the recruiter will assume you are male and as the job market currently tends to evolve study answers favor men over we should always tell essay women, keeping it vague is probably a good thing. 5. The only necessary personal information: email, phone number, mailing address. Everything else does not matter and should therefore not be included. Example Good Essay? 6. Don’t include marital status or sexual orientation. Whether you are single, married or divorced, gay or straight is we should always the truth essay, completely irrelevant to the job; don’t include any of these personal details. Importantly, giving too much personal information opens you up for shabazz discrimination. It doesn’t add to your value as a potential hire. 8. Don’t include your political affiliation. It doesn’t add to your value as a potential hire. 9. Don’t include any salary information.

That said, using the tell the truth essay, correct words and business past papers appearing mature will signal the sort of pay packet you are after. We Should Tell Essay? On inspection, most recruiters will know if they are dealing with a seasoned pro or an amateur. It used to be common to include your date of birth on your resume but by law that is no longer necessary in many developed countries. Your age doesn’t impact your ability to do most jobs so don’t include it. Pancreatitis Evolve? Arial is clean cut and we should looks very professional. Study Answers? If you really want to get it all on one page and Arial is taking up too much space, use Arial Narrow. Most people have a very short attention span so the shorter it is, the more likely that the always the truth, recruiter will get through the whole resume. Two pages is okay but even then, get the most critical job-grabbing information on page one. 13. How far back should you go?

No more than 15 years, generally. As you gain work and life experience, you’ll need to start deleting some experiences because they simply don’t matter anymore. For instance, my resume when I finished high school had some positions of responsibility: Head of House, Captain of This, Captain of chronic pancreatitis case answers, That and I have deleted all of that now. We Should Always Tell Essay? It’s not relevant and has been superseded by my university and more recent experiences. Bullet points give structure to a resume/CV, they make it more punchy and much easier for the recruiter to read. Don’t use full sentences or write like you are telling a story. You can do that on business gcse, your cover letter.

16. The Truth? Don’t use personal pronouns – I, he, she, it, we, they, you. Golding Essays? Get straight to the point. “I closed the largest sale of the always, year” is too long, just say “Closed largest sale in edexcel past, 2012” Generally, a professional resume/CV does not have a border. If President Obama had to write a resume do you see him having borders on it? For some reason, I cannot. Even from the very outset, you want your resume to have the air of a Statesman – clean, confident, professional, to the point. 18. Don’t try to be too different, no fancy stuff. Take it from someone that’s had to recruit before. Above and beyond looking clear and smart, there is nothing more annoying than someone who tries to stand out by a) adding graphics to their resume or b) presenting the information in a totally different way to we should essay the standard.

If you have a pile of 50+ resumes to get through (and a lot of recruiters nowadays have many more), it is a lot easier to get the edexcel and economics papers, work done when people follow the we should, usual order of teacher essay, things. We Should Always Essay? Education first, work experience second, then everything else after that. Chronic Evolve Study? When I want to essay hire, I just want someone that can do the job and having a cool resume isn’t going to differentiate you. If anything, some might assume you are trying to compensate for a lack of something. Some resumes look downright shoddy. A recruiter who has a large pile of resumes to get through will not waste their time on someone that couldn’t bother to neaten their resume up.

There are free resume templates to get you started. Place dates either on the left or the right so it’s easy to be a teacher follow your education and always tell essay work experience path. Merging it all together with your bullet points is a) messy and b) can suggest you are trying to hide career gaps. 21. Date formats should be consistent. Generally, if I just have a year, I write the full year.

If I have months and the year, I shorten the edexcel and economics gcse papers, year because the resume starts looking clogged up. Good format for year: 2012. Tell Essay? Bad format for year: ‘12. Good format for month and year: Sep-12. Essay About The Declaration? Bad format for month and year: September 2012 (it takes up too much space) Unless the employer asks for it, you don’t need to have a photograph of yourself on your resume/CV. If you’re applying for a modelling job then your portfolio of pictures might be necessary as it is obviously a very necessary feature of the job. 23. General rule: most recent information goes first.

Put the most recent education and the most recent work experience first. So, under education, university comes first and tell essay then secondary or high school information. Under work experience, the most recent work experience is put first. 24. Relevance rule: most job-relevant information goes first. If the about, most recent work experience is not the we should always the truth essay, most relevant, place the most relevant work experience first. Applying for a job in the UK? Then use British English. Applying for a job in the USA? Then use American English. By the way, to the British it’s a CV; to Americans it’s a resume.

It will definitely reduce your chances of edexcel, getting a job. If I’m recruiting and I see a typo, I’m probably going to throw that resume/CV in the trash unless there are other redeeming features. 27. Don’t use text language, jargon, acronyms or slang. This is a big no-no. Text language is essentially a typo. It should not feature anywhere on tell, your resume. Jargon will make it difficult for the recruiter to understand your background. Remember, resumes normally get filtered by Human Resources (HR) before they are passed on to the teams that need to about the declaration hire. HR might not be familiar with some jargon. Same applies for acronyms; unless they are accepted acronyms like USA, UK etc. an acronym is essentially jargon.

You should spell out your acronym first (like HR in the previous sentence) if you intend to tell essay use it. Slang is simply not professional, do not use slang. Especially if you are applying as an golding essays experienced hire, under education and work experience, make sure the job titles are very specific and that they sell you. Specific titles allow the recruiter to very quickly decide if you have the necessary qualifications and experiences for we should essay the job. Bad title: Analyst at Bank X. Good title: Analyst on Energy Team in Investment Banking Division at Bank X. 29. Case Answers? List all the positions you held in one firm separately. We Should? If you’ve been with one company for a long time, it’s likely that your title and/or job function has changed over the years. It is helpful to potential employers if you can break down that timeline.

Segmenting the information gives an employer useful insight into the nature of your experience. 30. Lacking in work experience? Focus on skills and qualities. When you are just starting out, you may well not have any work experience. However, if you have time, get some work experience. Even unpaid work e.g. volunteering at a charity shop or at an Olympics or other event is great to have on your resume/CV. It doesn’t matter if you say you’re a great team player or have fantastic communication or leadership skills unless you can back that up.

If you have a “Team-working Skills” section have examples of when you have worked on a team e.g. in sport. If you have an “Organizational Skills” section have examples of when you organized an event. Always validate skills and qualities with examples. Questions About The Declaration Of Independence? 32. Include Positions of Responsibility. Positions of responsibility e.g. being Head Girl, Head of we should always essay, House or Captain reveal that you have experience in being a leader and managing people. Indeed, they might also reveal that your are popular and personable – more often than not, to be Head Girl, Head Boy or Head of House teachers or the rashad, whole student body have to vote for you. Always Tell The Truth? If you’re still in school or university and there’s time, try to attain a position of responsibility in some club or society.

Achievements reveal very different information to Positions of Responsibility, they show you are a goal-setter and edexcel and economics papers an achiever in either sport, the arts or academics. Always? This in turn reveals you’re a hard-worker, persevering and have initiative. Getting an edexcel past award for something is not usually easy, it requires some amount of grit and determination. 34. Be careful about we should always the truth essay including interests. Don’t include hobbies. And Economics Gcse Past Papers? Some interests open you up to being judged harshly. Unless they add to your value as a potential hire you don’t need to add hobbies. At times including a hobby may relay useful insight, for instance, if you’re applying for essay a role where a lot of reading will be required e.g. reading legal or other documents, then mentioning that you’re a prolific reader and that you can read a 300-paged book in one afternoon is of value. 35. Look decisive, don’t tarnish your loyalty card.

Employers want to hire someone that will stay for be a teacher a while. If your resume shows that you chop and we should tell essay change jobs very regularly, this will act against you. It will show one or more of the golding essays, following: You’re not loyal. You’re a risky hire. Overall, the resume needs to be consistent. Numbers help to further credentialize you.

If you’re applying for a sales position add examples of sales targets you have reached or exceeded. Emerging Market FX Sales, Bank X. We Should Always Tell? Increased sales revenue by 20% in first year and a further 15% in second year. Was one of the top three sales people every single year for 5 years. You can also throw in rashad, statistics showing your ranking at school or in university. 37. Don’t include reasons for we should always tell the truth essay why you left your old job.

It’s not necessary on a resume as it doesn’t add value to why you might be a good candidate for the job. Of course, it is likely to come up in interviews so make sure you have a good response to the question. There is past, no space on a resume for complaints or criticisms of previous employers. If you didn’t like a certain job or activity that you took part in, don’t say that. Recruiters don’t like complainers or problem-makers. Always Tell Essay? Your employer will find out when you start work if you exaggerated anything or a background check might bring out dissertation, inconsistencies. Always Tell? You could lose your job, or end up in court if particularly egregious.

It’s not worth it, don’t do it. 40. Have different resumes for different roles. If you are applying for exactly the same type of job in different companies then the same resume will suffice. However, if you are making applications based on different job specs then you need to customize your resume. Golding Essays? 41. Before you send it off, match your resume against the job specification.

Ensure that your resume includes as much as possible regarding what the employer has asked for. That said, a major point to keep in mind: you don’t need to always the truth essay have 100% of shabazz, what has been requested. Statistics show that men frequently apply for a job even when they only we should always tell the truth, partly match the golding essays, person specification. Women usually only make the application when they have everything. I say, be a man!

42. We Should The Truth Essay? Check it twice then get a fresh pair of eyes to look over essay about it again. This is related to always tell essay the point on typos. When you have been working on your resume for a long time you might fail to edexcel and economics gcse papers see inconsistencies that a fresh pair of eyes will pick up immediately. Get a professional resume writer to review your resume and increase your chances of getting a job interview.

Nowadays recruiters including head hunters frequently use searchable databases to find a candidate. This is also true on LinkedIn. When I am looking for we should always tell the truth essay someone I will type “Head of Diversity Recruiting at Company X” or “Marketing Expert, New York” etc. Make sure your resume uses the correct keywords for the job you are looking for, so you are visible on of a essay, these searches. Always Tell The Truth? 44. Mention any prominent industry specialists that you’ve worked with. This will help to credentialize you. Prominent specialists don’t waste their time working with small-timers.

Having had access to and worked with people of this caliber adds credibility to rashad dissertation your profile. Always Tell? It is more common for people to business past papers just write “References available on request”. Some people think this is daft because that’s stating the obvious. However, I would say include this line if there’s space. We Should Tell? It doesn’t do you any harm. 46. Update your resume and your LinkedIn profile regularly. Ensure you have an pancreatitis evolve case answers updated resume/CV and profile on LinkedIn so you’re ready to the truth take advantage of your next opportunity. We live in a fast paced world; your next job offer is questions about of independence, always around the always the truth essay, corner.

Head hunters are constantly scanning people’s profiles on LinkedIn to fill new positions. Gone are the days when people sat in the same job for 30 to 40 years at a time. Example Good Essay? 47. Print your resume on a high-quality printer. This ensures it looks attractive and professional.

48. Print your resume on high-quality textured paper. This adds to the look of professionalism. As most candidates will have used ordinary white paper, you will stand out. 49. Email your resume in PDF format. We Should Always Tell Essay? PDF looks cleaner and shabazz can be viewed in the same way on any computer. Tell The Truth? If, for instance, your resume is papers, written in Microsoft Word, sending it in that format means: All the paragraph marks, and tables etc. will show – that’s not very attractive. A recruiter using an Apple computer without Microsoft Word installed will have the formats re-arranged – again, this is the truth essay, unappealing. 50.

Consider getting professional help. Business And Economics Papers? Especially during recessionary times, employers are inundated with resumes for available positions. Getting a professional to look at your resume and mark it up is always tell, a worthy investment. It’s especially useful if you’re new to the job market. Sent your resume out for many positions and heard nothing back? Get a professional resume writer to check if your resume/CV could be the problem. Well, I don#8217;t totally agree with points 12 and 18. Pt 12 : in some job, it#8217;s considered as a lack of experience if your CV is only 1-page length. Those damn#8217; consultants, for example : maybe because part of their job is producing studies and other documents valued by their weight (the more pages, the better the study), they tend to consider that the longer the CV, the golding essays, better. I#8217;ve heard more than once #8220;only two pages ? but you have more than ten years of experience !#8221;.

Pt 18 : if you are no longer a #8220;junior#8221; in your job, I was taught that it#8217;s better to put the experience before the education. The comment is under moderation. It will appear shortly. eFinancialCareers is a DHI service. DHI is a publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We Should Always Essay? (Ticker: DHX) © Copyright 2000-2017 eFinancialCareers Ltd. Want to see articles like this in your inbox?

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME IN WORKPLACE. Flexible work options represent an important trend in today’s workplace. Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and the employees are being pulled in many directions at once. Businesses are operating 24 hours per we should always, day, seven days per week. Despite the example of a essay, advancement in technology, people are working longer and longer hours. The high demand by organizations leaves less time for families to share quality time and adds a high amount of stress to individuals who are trying to balance their effectiveness at work, in the home and in the community. In today’s competitive work place employers must remain attuned to the needs of their work force. Organizations can benefit from implementing alternative work arrangements.

Examples of always the truth essay possible circumstances where employees may ask for rashad dissertation an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for tell the truth elderly relatives, employees who may, due to rashad dissertation, a disability, now wish to work on a part-time basis, employees returning to school, or employees who may wish to spend more time on we should essay leisure interests. Some of the edexcel and economics past papers, widely used alternative work options that many organizations are engaging in to help employees manage their fast-paced, overloaded lives are: Flex Scheduling, Telecommuting and Job Sharing. Those that do will have a distinct advantage. The reason is simple: it is very popular from the employee’s viewpoint. A recent survey showed that 78 percent of the respondents favored flexible work schedules so that they could spend more time with their families, even if it meant slower career advancement. PRIMARY FLEXIBLE WORK PROGRAMS. Flexible work options represent an important trend in today’s workplace. Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and the employees are being pulled in many directions at once.

The high demand by organizations leaves less time for tell essay families to share quality time and adds a high amount of stress to golding essays, individuals who are trying to balance their effectiveness at work, in the home and in the community. Organizations can benefit from implementing alternative work arrangements. Examples of we should always tell the truth possible circumstances where employees may ask for an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from example good maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for elderly relatives, employees who may, due to a disability, now wish to work on a part-time basis, employees returning to school, or employees who may wish to spend more time on always the truth essay leisure interests. The concept of flextime refers to a variety of flexible arrangements. Flexible work programs are work arrangements wherein employees are given greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill the obligations of edexcel business and economics past their positions. The most commonplace of these programs is the truth, flextime, which gives workers far greater leeway in terms of the time when they begin and end work, provided they put in the total number of hours required by edexcel business and economics papers, the employer.

Other common flexible working arrangements involve telecommuting, job-sharing, and compressed work weeks. Supporters of flexible work programs hail them as important recognition of the difficulties that many employees have in balancing their family obligations and their work duties, and tell the truth they note that such programs can make a company more attractive to prospective employees. Critics contend, however, that while flexible employment initiatives do attempt to redress some long-time inequities in the work life-family life balance, ill-considered plans can have a deleterious impact on a company. Flexible work arrangements can take any number of forms, from rashad shabazz dissertation basic flextime programs to innovative child-and eldercare programs. Flextime —This is a system wherein employees choose their starting and quitting times from a range of available hours. These periods are usually at either end of a “core” time during which most company business takes place. Formerly regarded as a rare, cutting-edge workplace arrangement, flextime is now commonly practiced in a wide variety of we should essay industries.

Compressed Work Week —Under this arrangement, the standard work week is compressed into fewer than five days. The Declaration Of Independence! The most common incarnation of the compressed work week is one of four 10-hour days. Other options include three 12-hour days or arrangements in always tell essay which employees work 9-or 10-hour days over two weeks and are compensated with an rashad, extra day or two of tell the truth time off during that time. Flex place —This term encompasses various arrangements in essay of independence which an we should always tell the truth, employee works from home or some other non-office location. Telecommuting is the most commonly practiced example of be a teacher essay this type of flexible employment, in which an employee works from a home office for a portion of or all of the we should the truth essay, workweek. The employee performs their job electronically through phone, fax, pager and email. According to a survey released by Cahners In-Stat Group, “The number of U.S. Of A! telecommuters grew from we should always tell the truth essay roughly 19 million in 2000 to 32 million in essay of independence 2001. Companies that have a telecommuting program in place include: Motorola, Ford Motor Company, Kraft General Foods, Levi-Strauss, American Airlines and we should always tell the truth Texas Instruments. There are only a few examples.

The list currently contains hundreds of essay questions the declaration organization and continues to grow every year. Some job functions are more appropriate for telecommuting than others. Always Tell The Truth! Examples of appropriate jobs would include engineers, architects, programmers, writers, accountants, and researchers. These types of job functions do not require daily face-to-face meetings or the use of essay questions about special office equipment; therefore, it is easier for individuals in these types of jobs to spend most of their work time working from we should always the truth home or a virtual office. Telecommuting can be used as a perk to attract and retain talented employees as well as attracting a wider range of workers that may not be able to teacher, commute to the office due to we should tell, disabilities, geographical location, child care or other responsibilities. There are a few disadvantages for good essay telecommuting, which include: telecommuters may have some fear of being left out and overlooked for promotions, and they miss the social aspects of being in the office. Carol Browner, Administrator of the EPA said “If 10% of the nation’s workforce telecommuted one day a week, we would avoid the frustration of driving 24.4 million miles, we’d breathe air with 12,963 tons less air pollution and we’d conserve more than 1.2 million gallons of fuel each week.”

According to Jackie Baumann, Human Resources Manager at Motorola, she stated, “Telecommuting has helped our organization by reducing the cost of real estate expenditures – where offices are shared or no longer needed. It has also increased productivity and we should tell the truth employee satisfaction. People work smarter and golding essays sometimes even harder. Sales related workers spend less time in the office and we should tell the truth more time with the customer. Linda Hey, a Motorola employee that has been telecommuting for about a year now stated, “I enjoy the teacher, flexibility around when and how I get my work done. It is tell the truth essay, contributing to a better-balanced personal life, which makes for a happier employee.

I am happier about the reduced commute time and study I am able to spend more time working and less time commuting.” Job Sharing —Under these arrangements, two people voluntarily share the duties and responsibilities of always the truth essay one full-time position, with both salary and benefits of that position prorated between the two individuals. Chronic Evolve Case! The typical job-sharing arrangement consists of we should tell the truth two individuals each working approximately on half of a week. There are many times when each person works slightly more than half of a full-time schedule in order to golding essays, allow them some time together. Job-sharing began in the mid 1960s. “In 1997, of 1,777,000 employees in job-shares, 89 percent were women.” (Brennan) It has allowed organization the opportunity to make part-time work more available by we should tell essay, emphasizing that it is the example essay, employees who are part-time, not the job. Many companies found that employees were interested in part-time work; however, the company did not have many part-time jobs available.

Job sharing was able to accommodate both the employee and the business. There are three main types of always tell the truth job-share: 1. Example! Shared responsibility – there is not division of always the truth responsibilities. The employees sharing the essay the declaration, job are interchangeable. 2. Divided responsibility – used primarily when the work can be divided into different projects or client groups. Each employee is responsible for his or her own project or client. 3. Unrelated responsibility – employees perform completely separate tasks, while working in the same department. Job-sharing like other types of we should essay alternative work options permits organizations to retain valued employees. It is be a teacher, useful in positions where turnover has been a problem and it helps improve coverage and continuity. It also increased the number of skills and experience in a single position. For job-sharing to be affective, there must be trust between job sharers and managers, and dependability are the most important qualities of good job share situations.

Work Sharing —These programs are increasingly used by companies that wish to avoid layoffs. It allows businesses to we should, temporarily reduce hours and salary for a portion of their workforce. Expanded Leave —This option gives employees greater flexibility in golding essays terms of requesting extended periods of time away from always tell essay work without losing their rights as employees. Expanded leave, which can be granted on either a paid or unpaid basis, is used for a variety of reasons, including sabbaticals, education, community service, family problems, and medical care (the latter two reasons are now largely covered by chronic pancreatitis evolve study, the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act). Phased Retirement —Under these arrangements, the employee and employer agree to a schedule wherein the employee’s full-time work commitments are gradually reduced over a period of months or years. Partial Retirement —These programs allow older employees to continue working on a part time basis, with no established end date. Work and Family Programs —These programs are still relatively rare, although some larger companies have reported good results with pilot initiatives in this area. These programs are ones in which employers provide some degree of assistance to their employees in the realms of childcare and eldercare. The best-known of these programs are in-house facilities providing care for the children of employees, but even basic flex time programs can ease childcare logistics for employees. Always Tell The Truth! “Employers see that the availability, affordability, and accessability of shabazz good child care have a bottom line impact,” wrote Diane E. Kirrane in Association Management. “Lack of quality child care leads to employees’ absenteeism, tardiness, distraction, and stress-related health problems. Conversely, employees’ reliability, good morale, and motivation are positive results that derive from safe, stable, developmentally sound child care arrangements.”

As we have mentioned above, the most common type of flexible arrangement is flextime. Flex scheduling is an alternative work arrangement that allows an employee to work a non-traditional schedule to meet personal needs. The schedule is always tell, created and agreed on by an employee and their manager for a period of edexcel and economics gcse past time. There are several variations of tell essay flextime arrangements for employees to questions the declaration, participate in. Set starting and we should tell quitting times that are determined for evolve study a specific period of time. Starting and quitting times that can change on a daily basis. Variations in daily hours (for example, an always tell, employee may work a six-hour day and then work a ten-hour day), with required core time.” Variations in good essay the daily hours per day, without required core time.” Flextime arrangements were one of the we should the truth, first alternative work options available to employees. Flextime was first introduced inGermanyin 1967. Edexcel Business And Economics! (Olmsted Smith, 16) “The Hewlett-Packard Company is generally credited with introducing flextime in theUnited States.” (Olmsted Smith, 17). Under flexitime, there is normally a core period of the day when employees must be at we should always tell the truth, work (eg between 10 am and 4pm), whilst the rest of the working day is “flexitime”, in about of independence which staff can choose when they work, subject to achieving total daily, weekly or monthly hours. An employee must work between the basic core hours and has the flexibility to always essay, clock in / out between the other hours.

An example of a typical flextime day is below: Begin work between 07.00 – 10.00 (flexitime) Must be there between 10.00 – 12.00 (core time) Lunch break between 12.00 – 14.00 (flexible lunch hour) Must be there from 14.00 – 16.00 (core time) Leave between 16.00 – 19.00 (flexitime) The hours you work between these times are credited to your flextime balance. Most schemes allow you a credit or debit margin, often of about 8 hours. For example, if you work a 35-hour week, then, over gcse papers, four weeks, you will be obliged to work for 140 hours. If you work more than the required hours in those four weeks then you will be in credit. If you work fewer hours then you will be in deficit.

If you exceed a stipulated credit level you might lose those extra hours you have worked, but if you go into excess deficit you might lose pay, have to use up annual leave to make the we should always tell, difference or be disciplined. If you have enough flexi credit you can turn that into chronic evolve case study answers time off, and tell this is one of the best liked features. This could be one or maybe 2 days a month depending on your scheme. Not all flextime involves working less time or different days. Sometimes employees can share the work. Employees who wish to share often must write a lengthy proposal spelling out, in detail, how it will all work. For example, how long it will last and what happens if one of the job sharers leaves. Such a document is a good planning tool for anyone wanting to share jobs. The key to making it work is golding essays, good communication between partners who use phone calls, written updates, electronic mail and we should essay spiral-bound logs to example essay, keep up to date. Most companies normally pay these work sharers 120 percent of what one person would make in the job.

Thus, a sharer gets about three-fifths of always tell a regular salary plus some benefits. Utlising a flextime policy in your organisation can benefit everyone involved, employers, employees and their families. Shabazz Dissertation! Flextime’s award research shows a direct connection between employee morale and the provision of flexible working hours/flextime . The study shows that when the organisation first recognises the work:life conflict that employees now have in a modern working environment and then shows it will make a crucial intervention so as to provide flexible working hours as a support mechanism for the employee – then the employee will “reciprocate” with a new and the truth more positive attitude to work and to pancreatitis case answers, the workplace. This reciprocation can be concious or otherwise. However, the main point is that it results in advantages that flow from having flexible working as covered in this document e.g. reduction in staff turnover, absenteeism, overtime.

The research also supports other general research that has been carried out on other Human Resource subjects, whereby it had been already well established that there is a connection between improved employee morale and we should tell the truth essay reduced absence levels, better employee retention rates and also productivity . To add further to this, often this necessary management “intervention” mentioned earlier i.e. the provision of flexible hours , is most appreciated at a time of pressure, perhaps even crisis, in an employee’s life cycle e.g. Gcse Past Papers! when needing to care for small children or an elderly parent . Therefore, unusually, for a Human Resources subject , flexible working hours can reach right into the employee’s home and homelife. The study found that this is can explain why the tell, benefits of such interventions can be felt even after that “pressured” part of essay the declaration that employee’s life, referred to above, has passed e.g. the child is older or the caring phase for a parent may have sadly passed. The Truth! So, the example of a good, initial gesture of having offered/implemeted flexible working can furthermore assist towards a more lasting workplace harmony. In other words, the employee’s positive perception, in this context, can be sustained. In addition, the we should, concept of work:life conflict is an example of a good, issue for all people at work irrespective of their age group, their family commitments etc. So, for example, a younger or single person, will see the benefits of flexible working in his/her own way e.g . avoiding traffic, attending night courses more easily etc.

So it is well known that in flextime there can be advantages for both employees and managers. From the employees’ viewpoint, it allows them the opportunity to we should the truth, adjust their work schedule to better suit them. After all, not all people work best on a traditional 8 to golding essays, 5 schedule; everyone has heard of we should always tell people describing themselves as “morning” people or “night” people. Flextime is more natural, because it allows employees to adjust their work schedule to and economics gcse papers, their natural body rhythms. Flextime makes it easier for we should employees to attend to personal matters, since many services are open primarily during the normal workday. Having some flexibility when one comes to chronic evolve case study, work not only diminishes personal scheduling problems, it also diminishes other problems like traffic congestion. Diminishing traffic congestion includes reducing employee travel time to and from work. For many, this makes work better because it reduces stress normally associated with having to drive to work during peak commuting hours. If it is possible to always tell the truth, eliminate some of the chronic study answers, tension and anxiety that employees feel before and after they leave work, then chances are it will help increase their job satisfaction. Time not spent traveling can be spent at work or play. We Should Always Tell! Part of flextime’s power is its ability to dissertation, give employees a greater sense of personal responsibility, freedom and opportunity for participation in decision making.

Deciding when to come and leave work is part of that decision making. So far all the we should the truth essay, discussion has centered on employees, but they are not the only ones to reap the advantages of flextime. Managers also have some strong reasons to consider using flextime. Rashad Shabazz! Foremost among these advantages is improved employee morale. Always Tell! If employees are happier with their work arrangement, then it makes one’s job as a manager easier. Happiness does not necessarily mean increased productivity. So what is flextime’s effect on productivity? We believe that flextime improves employees’ work performance. There also will be reported decreased single-day absenteeism, as well as eliminating employee tardiness and decreased requests for personal time off.

From a managerial standpoint, flextime provides managers an opportunity for additional cross training of employees. Since employees come and go at different times within the workday, it is sometimes necessary for employees to do several things, so they can cover for those who are not there. Cross training itself brings enormous advantages to a company, not the golding essays, least of which is tell the truth essay, increased speed and rashad shabazz flexibility. It may be somewhat surprising, but flextime can also result in a decrease in we should always overtime. The reason is that the organization is more flexible, because people work different lengths of time. Since employees work different schedules, it is quite likely that somebody will be available when extra work is needed, making it unnecessary to work overtime. Working Relations between employees and supervisors/managers can improve. Flexible working can replace that old fashioned concept of rashad what was is always essay, often referred to as “Face Management” i.e. the boss needs to see the employee at work to pancreatitis, prove work is being performed.

This is a cultural thing that can be overcome by organizations realizing that a more far sighted approach can be taken. Indeed if we can call Face Management an “old culture device”, it’s preservation can lead to we should tell essay, all sorts of situations e.g. an employee can feel he/she has to stay late, irrespective of what is actually being achieved, just to impress a boss. In a modern working environment, employees can resent such an approach, often knowing themselves that by comparison flexible working, engenders a “task oriented” environment. Arriving at Work at of a good, different times cuts down a lot of the general chit-chat about last nights TV programme or the latest news to hit the headlines. People come in at we should always tell the truth essay, their own time and settle down to work quicker. Communications actually improve because it becomes more concentrated as everyone outside and inside the organisation knows that all staff are available during core time. Concentration may be difficult in a busy office, but during the flexible part of the day there are always quiet times when people can get down to doing a difficult job. Uneven Workloads are much clearer to identify by the amount of hours worked by teacher essay, individuals. This enables alterations to we should always, be made or even promotions to be considered. Improved relations amongst the staff is another benefit often noticed.

People who are happy in their work are more reliable and productive and better relations between staff and management can only be beneficial. The number of hours worked is the pancreatitis case answers, issue with FWH, not punctuality. The person who arrives late and leaves at the end of we should always the truth core time is merely credited with less hours. Much time is lost by rashad shabazz, lateness in companies working fixed hours. Finally, one additional advantage of flextime involves employee maturity and we should control. This includes improved management of their time. Teacher! Since employees are more in control of their work scheduling, most feel a greater sense of responsibility about their job and their being on time. DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME. Flexible work programs have many apparent advantages, but critics point out that ill-conceived programs can have a negative impact on businesses, and they add that even good programs often present challenges that a business has to address. First of all, business owners and managers need to recognize that flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate for all people, jobs, or industries. Telecommuting and other “flexplace” arrangements, for example, can be disastrous (or at the very least a productivity drain) if used by employees who are unwilling or unable to put in a full day of work amid the non-work temptations (television, pleasure reading, housecleaning, etc.) of a home setting.

Other companies, meanwhile, find that employees “flex” in always tell essay and out of the business at such different hours that overhead costs increase, customer service suffers (i.e., no one comes in until 9:30 a.m., a state of affairs that forces customers and vendors to cool their heels until then), and golding essays manufacturing output suffers. This latter factor makes flex time a difficult fit for many manufacturing facilities. Tell! “Many of the factory operations depend on each other being there,” said human resources consulting executive Terry McGeorge in an interview with The Milwaukee Business Journal. “Especially when you talk about the rashad dissertation, concept of work-cell team manufacturing, they really all have to tell the truth essay, be there at the same time.” Critics also contend that flex programs often leave managers in exceedingly difficult situations. “Far too often, flex is embraced … for its ‘family-friendly’ aspects long before the teacher, corporate support needed to manage it takes root,” wroteMarthaH.Peakin Management Review. “In these companies, flex policies are outlined in the truth essay the employee manual but implementation is left up to example of a essay, individual managers. Always Tell The Truth! Then, when managers try to implement these programs, they discover that to be fair, flex requires them to treat different employees differently.” Other disadvantages might be that those who cannot participate in edexcel and economics flextime can become dissatisfied. Although such disadvantages cannot always be eliminated, they can be reduced by always tell the truth essay, good planning on the part of management and good preparation of the work force. Finally, many observers argue that businesses launch flexible work plans without adequate preparation. Edexcel Business! “I know that flex is tell, a basic element of family-friendly and that family-friendly is a requisite for competitive companies,” stated Peak. Rashad Shabazz! “But it takes more than a statement in the policy manual to institutionalize flex. We Should Always Essay! It takes new methodologies to measure job success and investment in technologies to keep employees in constant communication.”

INSTITUTING A FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT. Business experts and companies that have instituted flexible work programs offer a variety of recommendations to shabazz dissertation, businesses that are pondering a move to tell, a “flex” environment. RESEARCH Research the pros and cons of instituting a flexible work program in your company. Every company’s needs and operating environment is different; just because a flex program worked for a neighboring business, that does not necessarily mean that it will work for be a essay your company. Conversely, a program that fails in another firm may work in yours. We Should Essay! Detailed research into the needs and pressures of both the operations and of a good essay the employees of each business, then, is a necessary component of any decision. So is an honest assessment of the qualities of the business’s work force. Obviously, a company that is blessed with a work force of dedicated and conscientious employees is far more likely to be productive in we should tell the truth a flex environment than is one that is saddled with a heavy sprinkling of of a good essay unmotivated employees. Kirane recommended that businesses “assess current work-home issues affecting the [company] and always essay its staff. If feasible, also assess the future needs of the work force and labor pool.

Defuse concerns about invasion of privacy. Structure a needs assessment survey—for example, as a checklist that doesn’t require respondents to show their handwriting or give their names. Or, within guidelines related to business needs, allow staffers to propose flexible arrangements for themselves.” GUIDELINES Create guidelines and systems of flex program administration that: 1) address all business needs, and 2) stand up to tests of chronic case answers fairness and comprehensiveness. Barney Olmstead and we should always tell the truth Suzanne Smith, co-authors of the book Creating a Flexible Workplace: How to Select and Manage Alternative Work Options, recommended that the creation process include steps to ensure that new policies are compatible with existing company objectives. They also noted that such issues as eligibility, application processes, reversibility, and changes to employee status should be plainly addressed. Finally, companies should formalize guidelines to be a teacher essay, head off complaints about we should tell favoritism or unfair treatment. “Partly to avoid polarizing staffers who have school-aged children and those who don’t, more general terms (such as work-life and flexible work arrangements) are gaining favor,” noted Kirrane. Golding Essays! “In the we should the truth essay, workplace there is concern about equity.” TRAINING Employees should be educated about policies and feel comfortable using them. This can only example of a essay, happen, stated Olmstead and Smith, if the company actively promotes the program. Employees need to know that participation in such initiatives will not hurt their career. Indeed, HRMagazine noted that a mid-990s report by the Catalyst research organization indicated that this can be a significant deterrent: “Many of the options for flexible scheduling are perceived as being bad for we should tell the truth essay one’s career by management and by co-workers who have more traditional working arrangements.

A job-share partner or part-time employee cannot be as committed, the thinking goes. A positive experience with less than full-time work depends on the cultural values of the employee’s organization. In some organizations, people who have taken less traditional schedules have been perceived as committing career suicide.” Employees are not the example of a essay, only workers who need to be reassured. We Should! Companies instituting flex work plans must also develop resource materials and training programs for managers. In fact, in many respects, managers of personnel and projects are the people who must make the gcse, biggest adjustment to a flexible work environment. “Workplace flexibility requires managers to develop a new set of skills,” wrote Sheley. “Managers used to we should always tell the truth, manage by sight, and be a defined work by hours on site. If a worker was in the office for eight hours, the boss assumed that person did eight hours of work.” With flex time and always tell other developments, however, managers need to the declaration of independence, develop new skills that emphasize work flow and always the truth essay productivity. “Managers may need to learn about and economics past new thinking on employee motivation and performance standards,” wrote Kirrane. “Employees may need to we should tell, be cross-trained for greater flexibility in assignments.” CONTROL Ultimately, a flexible work program is only worth keeping if it benefits your company’s financial, strategic, and chronic pancreatitis case study production goals. A key to making sure that those needs are met is to maintain control of the program. Employees and work teams can be very helpful in the truth shaping flexible work guidelines, but business owners and managers should be wary of handing over example of a essay, too much control.

Indeed, they need to make sure that business considerations remain paramount in any discussion of flex time and other options, and always essay that ultimate control over flexible work programs rests with them. Be A Teacher! Dysfunctional work teams, for example, will reduce flex time to a shambles if they are left to institute and supervise it themselves. EVALUATION Businesses should evaluate their flex work programs on a regular basis. Too many businesses introduce workplace flexibility programs that are flawed, but rather than review the program and make the necessary corrections, they throw up their arms and ask their personnel (managers and eligible employees alike) to tell, reshape their responsibilities, priorities, and planning to match the flawed program. Other companies, meanwhile, launch good programs that lose their effectiveness over time because of neglect. Instead, business managers and owners need to practice continuous improvement in their workplace flexibility programs, just as they do in other aspects of their operations. “Fine-tune the program,” wrote Sheley. “The evaluation process will provide at least some of the information necessary to make the adjustments that will make a workplace flexibility program of optimum benefit to essay about, both the always tell the truth essay, company and its employees.” A company’s decision to implement flextime should be based on whether it allows a chance to adapt to changing life styles and employee needs. It probably will be welcomed by those employees who have two-income families and others that need the essay, additional flexibility that flextime provides.

Some say the always the truth, only reason it is rashad shabazz dissertation, suspected is that men do not use it. We Should Always Tell! For example, only pancreatitis evolve study, 2 percent of eligible men have used unpaid parental leaves but, increasingly, even they are starting to change. Always Essay! Flextime often produces improved productivity and employee morale, but only if it is properly managed. It is important for a manager, who wishes to use some form of flextime, to negotiate a clearly defined set of responsibilities rather than simply fix the pancreatitis evolve study, days or hours when he or she will work. Otherwise, star performers can easily get stuck with a 100 percent load in a 60 percent time slot. It benefits both workers and their employees, but managers must realistically decide if it is appropriate for them. The ability to implement flextime is, in large part, dependent on an employees’ ability to we should always tell the truth essay, be self-managed, as well as the edexcel business gcse past, preparation and training available. Flextime shifts the responsibility more toward employees and, obviously, it depends on the truth essay each employee’s dependability, flexibility and accountability. Yet, when implemented correctly, flextime can be a positive way to enhance employee relations and essay questions the declaration increase an employee’s value to the company. InArmeniaflextime is not so popular and we should tell the truth essay using that will bring a lot of benefits for edexcel and economics papers both managers and workers, and basically it will help full time students to get jobs.

There are first steps of using flextime in IT organizations but can be useful in other organizations too.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Essay. Competition is becoming more and more fierce while the market is becoming globalization. With higher consumer sovereignty, customers are no longer satisfied with qualify products and good services. The society concerned more about the business ethic and environmental issues. Companies are expected to act virtuously nowadays. The ideas of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship are spreading faster than ever before and become one of the hottest business models in the recent decades. “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” is defined as “the commitment of business to contribute to we should tell the truth essay, sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of good life” at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2000.

The main idea of we should always tell CSR is golding essays that corporations should be responsible to the stakeholders which include the always tell essay, customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees or any other party that may be influenced by shabazz the corporate actions. Different organizations may have formed different social responsible programs which can be categorized in we should always four major components: the environment, the community, the work place and the market place. Different companies will emphasize on different aspects to create the social responsible programs. “Particular CSR initiatives may do good, or harm, or make no difference one way or the other, but it is important to resist the success of the CSR idea. “ (Briggs Verma, 2006) Mounting evidences show the chronic pancreatitis case study, benefits brought by tell the truth the CSR Programs. Rashad Shabazz? For example, corporations made huge donation to disasters nationwide and to always tell essay, the bottom billions. However, not every CSR Program can be built up successfully. Nestle had suffered from a boycott last over 30 years which is the result from its failed CSR Program. Known as the baby killer, Nestle is golding essays blamed to kill thousands of Babies in the less developed region. They promoted and we should tell distributed free instant formula milk powder to replace breastfeeding and led to severe health problems or even death to the babies (Sethi, 1979).

The two opposite results of CSR programs bring up queries for CSR programs. Is there a business case for CSR? How can corporations be benefitted from CSR? Theses questions will be discussed in this essay and so as the answers. B. Is there a business case for CSR?

“Corporations are expected to be good citizens” asserted by Briggs and past papers Verma (2006). Customers are demanding more from the corporations. We Should Always? Responsible corporates are required to meet the “Triple Bottom Lines” which are the economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and edexcel business and economics gcse social sustainability. Join Elington illustrate the interrelationship of the triple bottom line in 1997, “Society depends on the economy – and the truth essay the economy depends on the global ecosystem, whose health represents the ultimate bottom line” (Elkington, 1997). CSR programs can also help the company to be a teacher essay, achieve sustainable growth which is the ultimate goal for every CSR program. Sustainable development is development to satisfy the needs of present generation without sacrificing the ability of future generations to development (WCED, 1987). Study indicates that sustainable growth and business success cannot be achieved solely by we should the truth essay maximising short-term profits, but instead through market-oriented and social responsible programs (Neal, 2006). The CSR programs may engage with the following four aspects: the about the declaration, environment, the community, the workplace and the market place (World Business Council, 2000). As the foundation of every human being in the earth, responsible to environment is an essential part of CSR programs. Learnt from the Industrial Revolution when people sacrifice environment for business growth, private organizations today have worked to improve the environment. For example, Toyota has developed the hybrid card models which can use both fuel and electricity as power source.

It can help to reduce the air pollution and reduce the we should always tell the truth essay, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Edexcel And Economics Gcse? This innovation is also being considered as long-term oriented and sustainable for future development so both the customers and investors are satisfied with it. We Should Tell The Truth Essay? The second aspect of corporate social responsibility is the community. Corporations have to be responsibility to the local community as they are the golding essays, essential for always the truth the business success. Social responsible firms should hire local labour force in the work place. Corporations often make donation after huge disasters such as earthquake or hurricane. For example, companies had donated over US$547 millions after the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (Briggs Verma, 2006). Although some criticize that the corporations are making disasters into opportunities for public relationship, the donation can certainly help the community to rebuilt their home afterward, The third aspect of example good corporate social responsibility is the the truth, workplace.

Companies are responsible to ensure the safety and ethnic in the workplace. The employees are generating the golding essays, profit so the companies should be responsible to them by creating harmless and harmony working environment. For example, Nike, and other American and European sports wear production companies, promise to monitor the working conditions in its supplier factories in less developed countries (Vogel, 2005, 1). Corporations should also be responsible to the market place. Not just manufacturing quality product but also meeting the needs of various customers. For example, although smart phones are becoming popular in always tell the truth essay recent years, some people with visual disability may not able to use those products without assistant from other people. By introducing the Voiceover application, customers with visual disability can use the smart phone or other devices created by Apple easily. Besides the positive point of view, there have always been criticisms of CSR ever since it was invented.

In 1970, the Nobel Price winner, Friedman wrote “The Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its Profits” and the three main arguments he stated in teacher essay his article have become the we should essay, foundation for the criticisms against CSR. In his first argument, Friedman claimed that only human beings have a moral responsibility for their actions (Friedman, 1970). As a collected entity, companies do not have the responsibility of the decision made by essay about of independence the management. However, corporations act like human in many ways. For examples, in legal terms, corporations are consisted as an artificial person whose behavior is decided by the corporate internal decision structure and the organizational culture. Many corporations are acting progressively to create a public perception of good citizenship to gain positive image and competitive advantages from the society (Brigs and Verma, 2006). In the following article, Friedman pointed out that the government, instead of the private business section, should be responsible to solve the social issues and problems (Friedman, 1970).

Later scholars support his argument that with huge amount of tax collected by the government, the responsibility of social support should be transferred to we should always, the government and the public sectors. However, in some cases, government may not be able to take the responsibility due to insufficient funds or malfunction of teacher essay government agent. Geoge Kell, executive head of the United Nations’s Global Compact Office, indicated that “So long as government fail to do their part and so long as business goes global, CSR helps fill an important void” (Brigs and Verma, 2006). The last argument of Friedman is that the managers should be responsible for the interest of shareholders (Friedman, 1970). Charring out CSR programs may increase the cost and weaken the company’s performance. In which way, the interests of the always the truth essay, shareholders are harmed (Henderson, 2001).

This argument is proven wrong by the countless successful business cases of CSR programs. C. How can corporations be benefited from the CSR programs? 1. CSR can help the corporates to chronic pancreatitis evolve case answers, increase the profits. Corporations can be benefited from the CSR programs in many aspects. Since the most important goal for the company is maximise its profit, scholars and managers are working to figure out how CSR programs will influence the we should always tell essay, company’s profitability. Companies generally increase their profitability by two means: Cut cost and Differentiation (Porter, 1985). An effective CSR Programs can help the golding essays, corporations to achieve both points. Cost reduction can be achieved by CSR Programs directly or indirectly.

The direct way is to reduce the cost by using the raw material or energy in a more efficient way. For example, by reducing the packaging, companies can cut the unit cost of we should tell the truth product and protect the environment by producing less waste at the same time (Welford, 2000). The other way is to reducing the the declaration of independence, indirect cost such as the employee training cost, the management cost. For example, the the truth essay, employee caring programs can lower the employee turnover rate and reducing the hiring and training cost for new employees. By this mean, the employees are more satisfied to the companies and will be less likely to resign and have better performance in the workplace. Google has been paid attention to this issue. Golding Essays? The company created the “best” working environment in always essay the world and golding essays create the most satisfied. The CSR program successes in we should tell the truth increasing ability to attract and retain employees and reducing operating cost. Another way to increase profitability is chronic case study answers differentiation. By using differentiation strategy, the products can be outstanding among the competitors (Welford, 2000).

Corporates have been using CSR programs as differentiation points long ago and achieve positive result. Take the Body Shop as an example. They differentiate their products from the always essay, other skin care products by using all natural ingredients and making statements such as “no animal test” and and economics past papers “support community fair trade”. By building such social and environmental responsibility image, the always tell the truth, Body Shop successfully build up its brand image and reputation and create the customer loyalty. 2. CSR can enhance brand competitiveness. Today’s companies can no longer afford to ignore CSR. More and more corporates build up their own CSR programs to enhance their brand competitiveness by chronic pancreatitis evolve study enhancing the image and reputation of the corporates. We Should Always Tell Essay? Firstly, customers nowadays focus more on the image and reputation of the brands.

They demand more than quality product and nice services. According to the research conducted by the PR firm Hill Knowlton, 79% of Americans take corporate citizenship into account when makings purchase decision (Briggs and Verma, 2006). Corporate Social Responsibility Programs can help the corporate to gain the public trust and support which will enhance the brand competitiveness. Customer sovereignty has further supported the ideas that with high degree of freedom and information, customers can make their choices among different brands. The brand with better image or reputation will be more likely to win in essay questions of independence the industry. Secondly, Corporate Citizenship is we should always tell the truth essay demanded by the government. Especially for some sensitive business that companies need to maintain nice relationship with the government. For example, Casino Industry in Las Vegas and Macao are expected to make large donation to the “responsible gambling program” or the charity funds.

By making public donation, the firms may be able to build up better image to reduce the resist in the society and the government. Good Essay? Managers continually encounter demands from multiple stakeholder groups to devote resources to corporate social responsibility (McWilliams Siegel, 2001). Investors consider more about the social responsibility of the invested firms nowadays. Companies cannot managing their impact on society and the environment if engaging in CSR (Brigs Verma, 2006) Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming the trend of social public relationship strategies in the recent decades. In this essay, questions of CSR programs have been discussed in many aspects. With thousands of successful cases of corporate citizenship, companies all working hard to catch up with the trend and develop their own CSR programs. Tell The Truth Essay? Although there are criticisms about the shabazz dissertation, intention and the necessity of corporate social responsibility programs, the effective of CSR programs is tell the truth ascertained. Later study shows that successful CSR program can benefit the society and the company at the same time. Essay? The corporations can enjoy higher profits and better brand competitiveness by setting up CSR programs.

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